While the majority of the city limits lie within Dallas County, a small area falls within the Collin County boundaries. Find your county’s polling locations at the Dallas County Election website. You also may call 214-819-6300 for general information or 214-819-6389 for voter registration information.

The City’s next General Election will be Nov. 3, 2020.

Candidates on the ballot for the May 2, 2020, General Election:

(District # 1):

Candidate Name:      David Gibbons (unopposed)         Ballot Position:                                         

(District # 2):

Candidate Name:         Deborah Morris                            Ballot Position:  1     

Candidate Name:        Koni Ramos-Kaiwi                        Ballot Position:   2 

(District # 4):

Candidate Name:        B. J. Williams                                Ballot Position:  1

Candidate Name:        Jim Bookhout                                Ballot Position:  2                                                       

(District # 5):

Candidate Name:        Rich Aubin (unopposed)             Ballot Position